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Ryan Tree Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that provides artists such as musicians, filmmakers, actors, writers, photographers and adventure seekers with funding and opportunities to educate our world about the desperate need for wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.


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"How far would you go in pursuit of your passion; to fill your heart’s true desire? For Airstream Ambassador Ryan Tree, the answer is halfway around the world. So far."



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Ryan Tree is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, philanthropist and animal welfare activist from Phoenix, Arizona.

Animal welfare is the foundation for Ryan Tree's music. The vision for Ryan Tree Foundation is one in the same, except 100% of our work is dedicated to animals, nature and the environment.

Whether you support the music, the art or the cause, we thank you for advocating our voice for change and for joining our movement to make the world a better place.


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Set in the year 2166 in the barren wasteland that was once Earth, the planet's only remaining human inhabitant, Kale, discovers a godlike entity that has fallen from the sky in the form of a beautiful woman. Together they embark on a quest through the merciless desert, battling vicious predators along the way.

Ryan Tree worked alongside award winning director Ryan Henry Johnston to create "Legacy" in 2017. The short film and music video found success in multiple film festivals, showcasing at FilmQuest in Provo, Utah and winning Silver in the Best Music Video category at the 2017 California Film Awards.

Ryan Tree End To The Suffering Sundance Film Festival
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Ryan Tree's short film and music video "End To The Suffering" tells the harrowing narrative of a single father and Veteran with PTSD who is struggling to raise his son. The story integrates the pain, suffering and emotional journey of people we interact with every day. Veterans contributed on set with the crew and they are also featured in the film.

End To The Suffering premiered on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015 at FilmBar Phoenix as a tribute to our military heroes. In 2016, the project received international praise after being selected to showcase at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

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